This Is That With Steve Berger

Standing in the Evil Day

May 18, 2023 Steve Berger Season 1 Episode 54
This Is That With Steve Berger
Standing in the Evil Day
Show Notes

C.S. Lewis once said that one of the most cowardly things that ordinary folks do is close their eyes to the facts. In this episode, Pastor Steve Berger reminds us that Scripture tells us NOT to sleep on what's going around us. We have to understand right versus wrong and take a stand! But we also have to be ready for the pushback we'll receive in doing so. Tune in for this timely message on why it's so important to expose the Spirit in the culture we're all living in.

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Pastor, author and speaker Steve Berger is known for his straight talk in dealing with various hot-topic cultural issues that many pastors avoid. In 2021, he founded Ambassador Services International with his wife, Sarah. He serves on the Executive and Pastoral Advisory Boards for Promise Keepers International, and the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Board. Whether preaching or writing, in great joy or pain, Steve longs to be a proclaimer of the grace and hope that Jesus came to offer. Since June of 1987, he has been married to Sarah, the love of his life, and together, they have four beautiful children and four grandchildren.

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