This Is That With Steve Berger

Four Ways to Walk in the Spirit

October 05, 2022 Steve Berger Season 1 Episode 33
This Is That With Steve Berger
Four Ways to Walk in the Spirit
Show Notes

John's writings 2,000 years ago made it very clear that the Antichrist is coming and believers need to be prepared. While he has not yet arrived in physical form, the antichrist spirit has been in the world since the days of the apostles! Believers must be ready to confidently walk in the Holy Spirit to combat this evil spirit. In this week's message, Pastor Steve Berger explains four key things each Christian should focus on in order to walk in the Spirit and clearly hear His voice.
Key Scriptures:
1 John 4:3
Galatians 5:16
Romans 8:5-6
John 16:13
Matthew 26:36-45

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Pastor, author and speaker Steve Berger is known for his straight talk in dealing with various hot-topic cultural issues that many pastors avoid. In 2021, he founded Ambassador Services International with his wife, Sarah. He serves on the Executive and Pastoral Advisory Boards for Promise Keepers International, and the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Board. Whether preaching or writing, in great joy or pain, Steve longs to be a proclaimer of the grace and hope that Jesus came to offer. Since June of 1987, he has been married to Sarah, the love of his life, and together, they have four beautiful children and four grandchildren.

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